After releasing a website, the next step is going to set up an analytics tool. Google analytics works properly for a website. You can see all about website metrics such as traffics, traffic source, average time spent, average pages per visit, and more.

Before we are getting insight and visitor behaviour, set up google analytics into a website through several steps:

Install Google Analytics on WordPress

Wordpress is the most popular CMS. Personal or even business with high volume customer already used Wordpress. Meanwhile, the way set up google analytics in WordPress is still hard. Let's do add google analytics into the website through several methods.

Install google analytics to WordPress

The best shortcut to do it is installing google analytics plugin within. By what is the most secure and easy to do of google analytics WordPress plugin? See this list of best google analytics WordPress plugin:


Over 2 million active installers, MonsterInsights is the first one of the best way how adding google analytic into WordPress.

How to set up google analytics

MonsterInsights not only provide to connect your site data with Google Analytics but present google analytics dashboard and real-time stats. So everyone allows monitor and track their stats easy and accessible.

Site Kit by Google

This is an official plugin from Google. Site Kit helps the website owner to deploy, manage, and get insights from critical Google tools. As a part of the Google Analytics plugin, you allow connecting the website with google within. And then you can get:

How to set up google analytics

Site Kit is a free and open-source plugin. Don't worry to pay extra to use the official plugin as like this.


It's the same way how to add google analytics code into a website without touch website code. Yes, the purpose of this plugin is to feature how to connect google analytics without writing any code or hiring a developer.

How to set up google analytics

As you can see on the image above, ExactMetrics presents the dashboard stats into the website. The ExactMetrics complete feature such as:

How to set up google analytics

Google Analytics by Jeff Starr

The name of this plugin is so promising an official plugin and attract people to click inside. This is why Google Analytics by Jeff Starr already installed over 300.000 websites.

How to set up google analytics

Go to your google analytics dashboard, copy your tracking code, and put the code inside this plugin. The field looks like the screenshot above. Comes with the free version, this Google Analytics by Jeff Starr allows user to upgrade to the pro version. The preview of its feature contains:

How to set up google analytics

That is the best google analytics WordPress plugin with over 100.000 installers. Next, how to connect google analytic with this plugin?

Login in to your Google Analytics dashboard.
Click admin --> tracking info--> and tracking code. Copy the code looks like this UA-1224566XX-X and put into each plugin.

How to set up google analytics

Please choose a single plugin only to connect google analytics and website.

Connect google analytics to WordPress without a plugin

I already posted the google analytics tutorial that contains how to set up Google analytics manual and how to connect them with the Google tag manager. In short, this is the step of installing google analytic on WordPress without a plugin:

I assume that the google analytic tracking code is your hand. The code looks like this code:

How to set up google analytics

Then, sign in into your WordPress dashboard and point the cursor on a plugin, and click add a new plugin. After that, type "Insert Headers and Footers" in the search field.

How to set up google analytics

Install and activate the plugin. If already installed, go to Settings --> click "Insert Headers and Footers".

How to set up google analytics

Finally, put google analytic tracking code into the box.

How to set up google analytics

Check google analytics on WordPress

How do you know that Google Analytics is active? I present to you two way to know that Google Analytics already installed well. It is a simple step for the beginner.

Manual check

Open your website and click right, then click inspect.

How to set up google analytics

After the dashboard appears, click elements and click control + F from your keyboard. Then put your code in the box. If your code installed well, then you will figure out the code.

How to set up google analytics

If you think this way is so difficult, then use the chrome extension. Follow this way!

Install BuiltWith Extention

Open your favourite search engine and type BuiltWith Technology Profiler. Make sure you are using chrome to do this. After you are stopping in to Chrome Extention market, install the extension.

How to set up google analytics

And then, you are ready to check Google Analytics. Please, open your domain again. Click the BuiltWith icon on the top right, in the line of the bookmark.

How to set up google analytics

After you found it, click it and choose the Relationship. Sign up and then, you can see this report:

How to set up google analytics

Add to free WordPress blog

Let's jump to the next chapter.

How to connect free WordPress blog with Google Analytics? Wordpress .org (self hosted) and (host by Wordpress) are different, but we still can set up Google Analytics on both.

If you choose to build a blog, follow this way.

Click Tools, then Plugin, figure out Insert Header and Footer on the search box.

How to set up google analytics

Upgrade your member plan (Install plugin only allow for hosting plan). After that, Install then activate. Drop your  Code Tracking JS into <head> as like as we do in Wordpress self-hosting.

How to set up google analytics

Setting Up Google Analytics on Shopify

Shopify analytics vs google analytics

Shopify Analytics and Google Analytics are different systems. They provide different data, offer unique benefits, and features of their own. To know completely, let’s dive in.

Shopify tracking

Shopify tracking available for basic Shopify and Shopify Plus. This dashboard provides average order value (AOV), conversion rate, sessions by location, sessions by traffic source, etc.

How to set up google analytics

Shopify user sometimes found inaccurate metrics such as average order value and customer lifetime value (LTV).

How to set up google analytics

Even so, Shopify tracking is enough to understand how a visitor interacts with a website. The feature inside of it is:

  • Check and compare the value of recent sales by time-period
  • Sales channels by performance comparison
  • Track average order value
  • Identify store visitors by source (social media channel, location, etc.)
  • Monitor shopper trends over time

Google Analytics tracking

As you can see in the previous google analytics tutorials article, this tool is more complex and rich-feature such as:

How to set up google analytics

In short, Google Analytics offers the same metric with Shopify which most important for web eCommerce such as tracking site visitors, sessions, and other customer behaviour.

After you know the preview different, let's do practice:

Connect google analytics and Shopify

Open Google Analytics, go to Tracking Info --> Tracking Code.

How to set up google analytics

Copy tracking code looks like below:

<script async src=""></script>
  window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
  function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
  gtag('js', new Date());
  gtag('config', 'UA-456745XX-X');

After you get the code tracking, move to Shopify dashboard. Go to “Online Store” > “Preferences”. You’ll see a Google Analytics section:

How to set up google analytics

Paste the Google tracking code into the “Google Analytics account” field in Shopify. Then, click “Save”.

Shopify google analytics conversion tracking

Conversion tracking in Shopify is crucial to business growth.

For a business view, connect eCommerce data from Shopify to Google Analytics give you a better measure sale performance. After connecting with Google Analytics, let's do set up conversion tracking.

There are 2 ways of Google Analytics conversion tracking:

  • Basic eCommerce Tracking. Track basic statistics on revenue and transaction
  • Enhanced eCommerce Tracking. Dig deeper into customer’s behaviour and interactions

Basic conversion tracking on Google Analytics

Login into Google Analytics. Click Account, Property, and View that you want to track. Click on Ecommerce Settings.

How to set up google analytics

Into e-commerce Settings, switch “On" to enable eCommerce tracking. Then save.

How to set up google analytics

After that, go to enhanced conversion tracking step.

Setup enhanced conversion tracking

To use enhanced conversion tracking, enable it from both Shopify and Google Analytics.

Login into Shopify Admin Dashboard, open Sales Channels > Online Store > Preferences. Next, scroll down to Google Analytics, check to use Enhanced Ecommerce" to turn on eCommerce tracking from Shopify part.

How to set up google analytics

Google Analytics
Move to Google Analytics Admin Dashboard, click View, then Ecommerce Settings. After that go to Ecommerce Settings, switch “On" for Enhanced Ecommerce Settings. Then submit this change.

How to set up google analytics

Setup google analytics goals Shopify

Setup the goal for Shopify means you will create a funnel including all of the key pages. Fo Spotify, it looks like:

  • Homepage
  • Category/Collection page
  • Product page
  • Cart page
  • Shopify checkout (4 additional steps)

To make it practicable, let's get started!

Google Analytics Dashboard

Login into Google Analytics Dashboard, then View --> Goals --> Goal setup, click “Custom” --> Goal description (give it a name: purchase, payment, completed checkout … whatever) --> Select “Destination” --> Click “Continue”.

How to set up google analytics

In ‘Goal details’ choose ‘Regular expressions’ --> Enter the URL destination after making a purchase (leave ‘case sensitive’ unchecked).

Shopify Store Dashboard

After the step in the google analytics goal already done, copy this URL structure below:


Then, Turn on the funnel switch > Add these steps (Copy them too as all Shopify stores have the same URL structure)

Homepage: ^/$
Collections: ^/collections/([a-zA-Z0-9]|-|?page=[0-9])*$
Product page: .*/products/.*
Cart: /cart
Contact Information: /checkout/contact_information
Shipping Method: /checkout/shipping
Payment Method: /checkout/payment
Processing: /checkout/processing

To review the destination URL correctly is correct, do click “Verify this Goal”. If all is good, click “Save”.

How to set up google analytics

You need to know some note for this configuration:

  • After all the step already did, it needs up to 24 hours to see any data collected
  • Goals are configured at the view level, need to do this for each view separately
  • You can create and track all kinds of goals, not just purchases include subscribe to your email list, clicked a specific button, shared socially, received 404 errors, completed a form or scrolled to the bottom of the page.

Install Google Analytics on Wix

It is super easy to connect google analytics with Wix. Let's do for 1 minutes tutorial.

Sign in Google Analytics.
Click the Admin icon at the bottom left of the page.

How to set up google analytics

Under Property, click Tracking Info.

How to set up google analytics

Click Tracking Code. Find out Tracking ID and copy it.

After, we jump to Wix dashboard. Here we go:

  • Go to Marketing Integrations.
  • Go to Google Analytics and click Connect.
  • At the top right click Connect Google Analytics.
  • Paste your Google Analytics ID.
  • Select the IP Anonymization checkbox to ensure that Google does not save visitors' IP addresses.
  • Before you click save all the configuration, ensure there are no extra spaces before the code.

Setup Google Analytics on Squarespace

Ok, let's do this without any words :)

Find out your tracking code, as like others step. Copy the tracking code and put this code into Squarespace dashboard.

How to set up google analytics

After getting the tracking code, go to the Squarespace dashboard and follow this way.

Click Settings
Scroll to Website click Advanced --> External Services.
Paste Google Analytic’s tracking code in the Google Analytics Account Number field.

How to set up google analytics

The data will push to your Google Analytics up to a couple of days. Don’t worry, the stats will roll in soon.

Adding Google Analytics on BigCommerce

The first step of this configuration is getting Tracking Code. Just login into your Google Analytics account and copy the code.

How to set up google analytics

And the next step is adding the code into your BigCommerce. Let's do this step.

Modify the tracking code with this code script. Remember, BigCommerce is an eCommerce based, so we will track all the buyer behaviour, not visitor track only.

<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->
<script async src=""></script>
  window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
  function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
  gtag('js', new Date());
  gtag('config', 'UA-xxxxxxxx-x', {'link_attribution': true }); 

  // var wsa_adwords_id = 'AW-XXXXXXXXXX'; // for use later
  // gtag('config', wsa_adwords_id); // AdWords Remarketing Tracking
Web Site Advantage: Google Analytics Tracking - gtag [v1.0]
Copyright (C) 2017 Web Site Advantage
    var wsa_purchase = {
        'event_category': 'ecommerce', 
        'items': []

    function trackEcommerce() {
    this._addTrans = addTrans;
    this._addItem = addItems;
    this._trackTrans = trackTrans;
    function addTrans(orderID,store,total,tax,shipping,city,state,country) {
        wsa_purchase.transaction_id = orderID;
        wsa_purchase.affiliation = store;
        wsa_purchase.value = total; = city; 
        wsa_purchase.state = state; = country; = tax;
        wsa_purchase.shipping = shipping;
    function addItems(orderID,sku,product,variation,price,qty) {
            'id': orderID,
            'sku': sku,
            'name': product,
            'category': variation,
            'price': price,
            'quantity': qty
    function trackTrans() {
        gtag('event', 'purchase', wsa_purchase);
    var pageTracker = new trackEcommerce();    

Note: change the UA-xxxxxxxx-x with yours and put your Adwords Code into this code AW-XXXXXXXXXX.

Login to BigCommerce Administration
Click Advanced Settings
Select Web Analytics
Switch to the Google Analytics tab
Insert Tracking Code in the text box
Click Save

After that, enable the E-commerce reports in Google Analytics. Go to Admin, then E-commerce Settings, and enable E-commerce (but not the Enhanced option).

Weebly Install Google Analytics Guide

Go to Google Analytics, login is a requirement. Collect your unique tracking ID.

How to set up google analytics

And then, let's come to the Weebly dashboard. And follow this guideline.

Log in to Weebly account and edit the site you added as an account in Google Analytics.
Navigate to “SEO” section under site “Settings” tab.
Paste Google Analytics code in the “Footer Code” text box.

How to set up google analytics

Save the changes and publish the site. This configuration is taking up to a couple of hours to pull the data.

If you don't want to pull the data from the whole page, you can set a specific page which monitors and tracked by Google Analytics. See this guideline:

  • Go to Pages tab and select the page
  • Click on the “Advanced Settings” button and paste Analytics tracking code in the “Footer Code”.
How to set up google analytics

Save your configuration and publish the site. You can monitor the performance of pages in Google Analytics.

Take to the action

All of this Google Analytics are a basic guideline. For the next chapter, we will write more guideline that specific for a single platform.